Dinah Williams


Dinah Williams
Shacklewell Primary School
Dalston, UK

The teacher whose greatest teachings come from her students.

SAMbassador Dinah Williams is a primary education teacher at Shacklewell Primary School. She leads computing across the school as well as other subjects across Key Stage 2.

While teaching wasn’t actually Dinah’s original plan, she got into education through a fellow teacher who had such a profound impact on her that she decided to pursue it as a career.

“I saw the impact that he had on students and I thought it was absolutely amazing. I wanted to have that impact on students to forge a great future for others.“

Dinah loves to see her students inspired and motivated. She wants to equip students with the tools they need to thrive in the wider world.

“I like seeing when children come alive and develop into citizens of the world and into people who are going to lead us into the future. Because they are the future.“

Dinah believes that STEAM subjects have a very important role in our everyday lives. It allows the children to develop key skills for the future. Problem solving is a high priority for her as it is critical for students to approach any topic in the curriculum.

Dinah has witnessed her students being incredibly interested in coding and technology.

“They have the understanding of what they’re doing and if they see an element of fun in it, it grabs their attention.”

For students who might not be as naturally interested in programming, Dinah has seen that SAM Labs provides a great way to introduce them to the world of coding and creating. Children love that they can see direct results from their input.

Dinah likes SAM Labs and the STEAM Kit due to its ease of use, portability and versatility. She has been impressed by how her talented students have used the products and she learns from them every day.

“They always discover new things that you can do with SAM Labs and it makes me think ‘I didn’t know you could actually do that!’ and that is the great thing about it. It’s always pushing those children to think and problem-solve and see different solutions for what they are doing. “

Dinah’s students have ideated many projects, from creating football games to cat and mouse games. Dinah finds SAM Labs to be a great tool to get the students excited about different topics.

Dinah is excited to use SAM Labs even more in the future and she recommends it not only for teachers, but for anyone:

“If you’re into coding and technology and you like that, I would say go ahead and buy the STEAM Kit and if you’re a teacher or you are a school and you want to develop children’s reasoning and coding skills I’d say that SAM Labs is a great way to go”.