Art Bots

Unleash a paint war on your friends! Just two SAM DC motors can make for a world of fun, creativity, and NO mess!

You will need: colored paper, glue, pencil or sticks, brushes, paint, 2 SAM DC Motors, 1 SAM Button

  1. Use a sheet of coloured paper to create a box
  2. In order to make it stronger glue some pencils or sticks on the edges of the box
  3. Cut up a few paintbrushes and attach them to a small wheel or gear
  4. Attach the gear to the DC Motor
  5. Place a piece of paper or a t-shirt inside the box
  6. Put some paint on the brush tips
  7. Open the SAM Space app. Turn on and sync the two SAM DC Motors and the SAM Button and drag them onto the canvas. Connect the Button to the DC Motors by adding a "Toggle" block into the circuit, connected to the DC Motors
  8. Voila! Now you can make cards, wrapping paper or even a t-shirt with your own design!