Drawing Machine

Create art from the future with this drawing machine. Use card-board and a motorised compass-like device to create different drawings. Ready? Set? Art!

You will need: Scissors, Cardboard, Glue, Pen, Elastic bands, Colour Paper, 2 SAM DC Motors, 1 SAM Button.

  1. Cut the cardboard to create the base, arms and SAM Block holders.
  2. Attach the block holders and the arms to the base. Grab a few gears and attach them to the SAM DC Motors and the machine arms. This will move the arms when the gears move.
  3. Secure the SAM Blocks into the holders with elastic bands.
  4. Cut a piece of paper and place it under the arms. again, securing it with elastic bands.
  5. Stick the pen into one of the holes of the arm to make the machine draw.
  6. Now, open SAM Space. Turn the SAM Button and the 2 DC Motors on, and drag then onto the canvas. Link the Button to the 2 DC Motors by adding a "Toggle" SoftSAM in between and connecting the dots.
  7. Unleash your creativity!