Hack a Plant

When your mom asks you to water the plants, hack it! With a SAM Servo, and a SAM Heat Sensor, you can auto-water your in-home garden!

You will need: scissors, paper, cardboard, glue, plastic bottle, sticky tape, SAM Heat Sensor, SAM Servo Motor, a plant

  1. First, cut a cardboard piece for the bottle support. Add a small hole for the SAM Servo Motor and a pointy edge to dig it into the soil
  2. Next, attach the bottle and the SAM Servo Motor onto the support
  3. Add a small lid (protruding perpendicular piece) to stop the water coming out of the bottle and attach it to the foot of the Servo Motor
  4. Attach a Heat Sensor on one of the sides of the plant
  5. Now, open the SAM Space app. Turn on the SAM Heat Sensor and the Servo Motor and drag onto the canvas. Connect the Heat Sensor to the 'Map' block that to the 'Hold' block. Double-click on the 'Map' block to customise what temperature you'd like the plant to water itself at. This whole circuit will open the lid when the temperature is above the threshold
  6. Now, go play and let the plants tend to themselves!