Hands-Free Breakfast

Not a morning person? Get a SAM dcmotor to stir your breakfast for you. It's so simple you won't even realise you're learning!

You will need: Scissors, Cardboard, Glue, Pen, Spoon and Bowl, 1 SAM DC Motor, 1 SAM Button.

  1. Cut 4 cardboard pieces to create the cubical structure of the machine. Make a hole for the DC Motor on the top piece.
  2. Glue the four sides together.
  3. Cut a circle out of cardboard the diameter of the top piece, and cut two holes in it: one to put the DC Motor into, and one for the spoon.
  4. Insert the DC Motor into the hole on the top piece and secure it.
  5. Put the spoon into the other hole.
  6. Put a bowl of cereal or oatmeal underneath.
  7. Then, open up SAM Space, turn the SAM DC Motor on, and drag it onto the canvas. Drag a "Toggle" and a "Keyboard" Soft SAM to the canvas too. Connect the "Keyboard" to the "Toggle" and then to the DC Motor.
  8. Your brekkie's ready! Stir it up.