Motorised Bridge

Bridging the gap between art and engineering: this SAM bridge takes play and learning to a new standard

You will need: Wood, Paper, Glue, String, SAM DC Motor, SAM Slider.

  1. Cut wood to size.
  2. Hot glue the wood together and paint the bridge. To make the bridge stable and able to pivot, use a piece of masking tape on the side.
  3. Add the paper to make the grass and the river. Hint* to make the grass look more 3D, add in different shades of green paper.
  4. To make the bridge suspension, make an axle for the motor out of wood and attach a string to it.
  5. Lead the string over one pole of the bridge and attach the other end of the sting to the bridge deck.
  6. Program the bridge in the SAM app space. Connect the Slider or the Button to the DC Motor. Then, create the sequence using Soft SAMs to turn the DC Motor in two directions to open and close the bridge.
  7. Now you've got endless hours of play!