Night Light

Create a night-light that automatically turns on when it gets dark.

You will need: Coloured paper, Glue, SAM LED Light, SAM Light Sensor, A roll of tape.

  1. First, glue two coloured pieces of paper together.
  2. Make them into a paper cone.
  3. Use a roll of tape as the base of the cone.
  4. Then, put the cone on the table and insert the SAM LED Light inside, with the light facing upwards. Leave the Light Sensor outside to be the activation.
  5. Now, open SAM Space and turn on your SAM Blocks. Connect the Light Sensor to the Inverse Soft SAM (to make the Light Sensor activate when it's dark), that to the Map Soft SAM (to control the values received from the Light Sensor), then connect that to the Switch Soft SAM and the Delay (which will automatically turn off the SAM Light after an hour), and lastly, those two to the LED Light.
  6. Now you've created a smart system that activates when it's dark!
    Good night!