Racing Track

Do you mirror the steering wheel in the car when your parents are driving? Do you love the sound of a revving engine? This one's for you! Build a SAM car and track to race to the finish line. All you need is 4 SAM Sliders, and 4 SAM DC Motors!

You will need: 4 SAM Sliders, 4 SAM DC Motors, 2 wheels, A large piece of cardboard, Sheets of paper, Glue, Scissors, Pen, Marker.

  1. Grab your materials
  2. Cut out the road ways out of cardboard, shaping them how you prefer
  3. Draw on the road lines and put the pieces together
  4. Draw a stencil of a 3D car cutout
  5. Cut out, decorate, and assemble the car
  6. Now, attach the SAM DC Motors to the base of your car, securing them with tape
  7. Add any additional characters - like the man who waves the flag - onto your track
  8. Now it's time to open SAM Space.
  9. Turn on and drag 4 SAM Sliders and 2 DC Motors onto the canvas in the app.
  10. Connect one slider to each DC Motor.
  11. Use the Sliders to steer and for speed, and the DC motors for the power.
  12. Double click on the DC Motors to change their direction and experiment with your sliders to control the steering.
  13. Go race!