Slam Bot

Go back to school with the coolest tools this year. This Slam Bot will help you ease your way back into things.

You will need: 3D printed ABS, screws, a wooden base, 2 wheels, 2 SAM DC Motors, SAM Servo, SAM LED Light, 2 SAM Sliders.

  1. Go to ThingVerse to download the 3D printing patterns for the claws. Once downloaded, order it from any 3D printer. Gather all of your materials and your SAMs. 
  2. Make the wooden base. Glue all of the base parts of the vehicle together and fix the DC Motors to the base (making sure that the power buttons aren't covered).
  3. Put the 3D printed claw together with the screws. Attach to the wooden base.
  4. Attach the Servo underneath the base to the claws, and put the top part of the block on top of the base. Attach the LED Light to the body.

  5. Turn on your SAM Blocks, open SAM Space, and pair your blocks. Drag the 1 SAM Slider and 1 DC Motor onto the screen.
  • Drag on 4 Compare blocks.
  • Set the first Compare block to > 75. 
  • The second one to ≤ 75, 
  • The third one to ≥ 25, 
  • And the fourth to < 25. 
  • Then drag on 4 Delay blocks. 
  • Connect the first 2 Delays to the > 75 block. 
  • Connect the other 2 Delays to the < 25 block. 
  • Then drag on a NAND Logic gate. 
  • Connect it to the ≤ 75 and the ≥ 25 compare blocks. 
  • Connect the NAND to the DC Motor. 
  • Drag on a “Direction” block. 
  • Connect it to the first Delay. 
  • Then drag on a switch and connect it to the Direction block, the > 75, and the second Delay block. 
  • Set it to Compare 5. 
  • Click on the first Delay and set it to 5 ms. 
  • Click on the second Delay and set it to 10 ms. 
  • Click on the third Delay and set it to 5 ms. 
  • Drag on another Direction block. 
  • Connect the Direction block to the third Delay. 
  • Set the direction to anticlockwise. 
  • Click on the fourth Delay and set it to 10 ms. 
  • Drag on another Switch. 
  • Connect it to the Anticlockwise Direction block, the < 25 and the fourth Delay block. 
  • Set the input to Compare 6. 
  • Then, connect both of the Switches to the DC Motor. 
  1. Next, repeat the whole app process again, the only change being in the Switch input: where the numbers of the Compare’s will be 7,8,9, 10.
  2. Lastly, turn on and pair the Servo Motor.
    Drag a Space key, a Toggle, and the Servo Motor onto the canvas.
    Connect the Space to the toggle,
    And the Toggle to the Servo.
    Set the angle on the Servo to 67 degree angle.
  3. And voila!!!