Slider Car

By community member Dani E: This is a 3D Printed chassis for a car using the two DC Motors and a foosball to get around. It also uses the light sensor and the two RGB Lights for headlights. The program enables you to use the slider as a forward and backward controller.

You will need: You will need to print the body using a 3D printer or have a printing service print one for you. You will also need a 35mm foosball, which you can find on

  1. After it is printed, you just need to put it together and get the program linked to start driving: The foosball sits inside the dome underneath the car so that it rolls freely while supporting the front end. The DC Motors get the wheels placed on their shafts (with the extended part of the shaft facing the motor) and then snuggly nestled into their slots.
  2. You can rest the light sensor in the top depression and nestle the lights into the brackets on the front end. I've created a couple different sizes of wheels so you can print them out and experiment with them. The STLs for the wheels for this project can also be found on Thingiverse:

  3. To drive the car backwards and forward as shown in the video, simply configure the blocks in the SAM Space app as shown.