Leave mismatched socks behind with the Sort-a-Sock with SAM!

You will need: 1x Sheet of wood, 4x Rubber wheels (for belt), 1x Paper (for belt), 1x SAM LED, 1x SAM Light Sensor, 1x SAM DC Motor, 1x SAM Servo.

  1. First build the machine. We used wood as our basic build material but you can also use e.g. LEGO

  2. Make a belt from paper. It is important that the belt is black as this will help to see the colour of the sock better. Make sure the belt can run smoothly in the frame you have built, then attach the motor to the drive shaft of the belt.

  3. Then, paint the machine in your favourite colours. We chose blue!
  4. Attach the Servo to the base of your machine. Now, attach the shaft of the servo to a plate in a way that it can separate the socks.
  5. Finally, make the software in the app and watch your machine come to life.
  6. Never lose or mismatch your socks again! Laundry has never been so easy.