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Learning about STEAM, coding and computing has never been easier. With these concepts becoming increasingly important for schools, SAM Labs has created comprehensive curriculum-aligned lesson plans to bring these topics to life for students aged 7-11.

With a clear focus on impact, learning outcomes and pedagogical value, SAM Labs empowers educators to engage students with new and important knowledge that they will use throughout their lives. From computational thinking to logical reasoning to 21st century skills, these materials focus on equipping students for their futures.

This classroom content has been created based on the requirements of global computing curricula, including Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Cambridge Assessment International Education (CIE), International Baccalaureate (IB) and the UK National Curriculum.

Some of the concepts covered include

  • Designing, writing and debugging programs

  • Sequencing, selection and iteration

  • Understanding variables, inputs and outputs

  • Controlling and simulating physical systems

  • Logical reasoning and predictive behavior

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