Want to get SAM Labs
into your school?
We can help!

We have created a downloadable information pack to help you share why SAM Labs is the best way of teaching STEAM lessons in the classroom.

What’s Included:

  • What is SAM Labs?

  • Why is SAM Labs right for your classroom?

  • Information on training & support 

  • How is SAM Labs aligned to the curriculum?

  • SAM Labs product details

  • Where to find lesson plans & projects

  • Funding resources

Download the SAM Labs information pack here


Why use SAM Labs?

  • A fun and interactive way to bring coding to life

  • Curriculum-aligned lesson plans and projects

  • An intuitive visual, flow-based coding app tailored for any classroom or ability level

  • Easy-to-install, wireless Bluetooth SAM Blocks that are made to last

  • Mac, iOS, Android and Windows compatible

  • Teacher support and training

  • Versatile technology that can be used across a variety of subjects

Extra support and FAQs

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