Where is my tracking number?

If you have purchased through our website you will receive your tracking number via email once the payment has settled and your order has been dispatched. Please allow up to 48 working hours for dispatch of orders.

Is there any way I can speed up the shipping process?

We currently do not ship express. However, if you have urgent needs please contact us at info@samlabs.com to see if there are any alternative delivery methods.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship our products to all countries except Israel & Russia. Simply select your country at the checkout page to choose your destination country.

I haven’t received my order, what do I do?

Some orders take longer to receive than others. This is either due to import rules of specific countries or simply the distance time will affect time. You are able to track your order with the tracking number sent to you via email upon dispatch of the order. If you are still concerned you have not received your order in a timely manner, please email us at info@samlabs.com.


I would like to return my order, how do I do this?

We offer free returns within 30 days as long as the item is in full and in a good condition. Please ensure that the kit has all parts and contact info@samlabs.com to arrange a return. 


I think I have a defective wireless block, can I return it or get a refund?

It may not be broken! If you are concerned you have a defective wireless block please see whether fully charging it and “resetting” solves the problem first. If you do still think your block is defective please contact us at info@samlabs.com and we will arrange a replacement to be sent to you with the shipping covered by us.