International Week - Virtual Summer Camp Grades 3-5 (Intermediate) - Without STEAM Alpha Kit

International Week - Virtual Summer Camp Grades 3-5 (Intermediate) - Without STEAM Alpha Kit

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International Week - July 13-17, 2020

Join us at International Week, a STEAM and coding virtual camp accommodating students from Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific with adjusted learning hours

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Virtual lessons bringing an interactive STEAM and coding camp experience right into the comfort of your living room! Students will be taken through Computer Science Standard (CSTA) aligned lessons where they will design and code camp-related systems with the SAM Labs blocks and free SAM Space app. The lessons are very hands-on, interactive, and engaging for all students

Lessons are led by our team of Education Consultants, who are certified educators, and will help students develop their computational thinking and problem-solving skills.


USD $175


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Details and Inclusions

  • Live lessons by our team of former educators 
  • Each camp consists of five sessions, starting on Monday and ending on Friday
  • 1.5 hours of live instruction through Zoom video conferencing daily 
  • Plus 1.5 hours of structured, self-paced learning (through Seesaw) daily
  • Chat feature for support during self-paced learning
  • Official SAM Labs Graduation Certificate

Please note: This option does not include a STEAM Alpha Kit.


  • Laptop or Tablet required
  • Internet connection with access to Zoom video conferencing
  • STEAM Alpha Kit required (this can be an existing kit)

Course Overview

Students will learn about the fundamentals behind computer science and programming such as software, hardware, inputs, outputs, and what coding looks like with the SAM Labs learning solution. Across all camp-themed lessons, students will compare, refine, and iterate multiple algorithms to determine the most effective solution, create systems that use conditionals and loops, and decompose a system or algorithm into it’s working parts to debug and ensure it runs as intended. 

All lessons include a coding portion and a creation portion to expand computational and design thinking skills. For example, students will code a bonfire kindling system in SAM Space and then create a prototype with the SAM blocks and other materials to watch their bonfire come to life!

Here are a few examples of the camp-themed lessons: 

  • Virtual bonfire to roast marshmallows
  • Interactive scary campfire stories
  • Solar oven for your favourite camp food
  • Camping tent to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Virtual compass rose

How to Purchase

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